Facts you don’t know about your favourite snack!

Shocking facts about your snacks!

Pick up any namkeen packet today, read the nutrition label on the back of pack or get it tested in a lab, we assure you that you will be shocked by the amount of oil we guzzle.

Roughly half of Bhujia is actually oil!

Bhujia Sev, made by the most popular brands in the country, has an average of 45% total fat content!

Only about 3-3.5% of this fat comes from ingredients like besan, moth flour & others. The rest of the fat is from oil that is absorbed during the frying process. So essentially, when we eat about 100 gm of Bhujia, we are in effect drinking about 42 gm of oil!

We love our Namkeens.

We both (founders) love to eat our namkeens and wanted to snack on healthy products. We realised the extent of this problem when we scoured the market in search of such a snack and found that there was not a single brand in the market which was offering what we wanted- a low fat Bhujia which also tasted good! 

Where there is will, there is a way!!!

We worked with expert food technologists to develop a healthier and great tasting baked Bhujia Sev which has 50% less fat content- our Bhujia has 19-20 gm of oil as compared to 42-43 gm in the most popular brands.

Not only this, Sate Skinny Bhujia has 100 fewer kcal (per 100 gm) compared to the other popular brands.

Do try our products and help us improve our products by sending your suggestions / ideas to customercare@puraterrafoods.com


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