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Why Skinny?

We’re here to make traditional Indian snacks healthier without letting go of the delicious chatpata taste we’ve grown up to love.

Our range of SateTM Skinny bhujias, sevs and mixtures is prepared in small batches, using traditional ingredients and based on time-honored recipes. All our products are baked or roasted — nothing is fried — so our products have at least 50% less oil compared to fried packaged namkeens of popular brands. Moreover, our products contain no palm oil, no artificial colours, and no cholesterol or trans-fats; they are also lower in salt and higher in protein than other packaged namkeens.

Ours are the healthiest namkeens you will find anywhere! And we make these claims based on rigorous testing done by
NABL – certified labs.
SateTM Skinny Namkeens – the joy of snacking!


Introducing SateTM - your everyday snack made healthy

50% less oil

No palm oil

No artificial colours

No trans fat

No cholesterol

Our Products

66% less oil than fried mixtures, 18% protein, contains No Palm Oil.


50% less oil than fried mixtures, contains No Palm Oil.


50% less oil and 20% fewer calories, contains No Palm Oil.