Skinny Palak Bhujia : A Tasty and Healthy Snack for Every Occasion

In the world of snacks, where taste is often at loggerheads with health, we have created an  innovation that is revolutionary and first to market– sate Skinny Palak Bhujia Sev. This yummy traditional snack not only satiates your craving for something savoury and crunchy but does so without the guilt, thanks to its healthy baked-not- […]

Skinny Palak Bhujia : A Healthy and Delicious Snack for Your Home

In the world of snacking, finding the perfect harmony between deliciousness and healthiness has always been elusive, at least for us! We have therefore created a gem after working on this project for more than a year…….. Sate Skinny Palak Bhujia. It is a crispy, savoury delight that not only satiates taste buds but also […]

Eat Right India


1 in 2 Urban Indian adults are obese in some form and the the data below proves it!   Prevalence of Obesity in India Source: What India Eats, ICMR and National Institute of Nutrition, Oct 2020 ‘Khate-peete ghar se’ When I first saw this infographic, it absolutely blew my mind! At a personal level, I […]

Facts you don’t know about your favourite snack!

Shocking facts about your snacks! Pick up any namkeen packet today, read the nutrition label on the back of pack or get it tested in a lab, we assure you that you will be shocked by the amount of oil we guzzle. Roughly half of Bhujia is actually oil! Bhujia Sev, made by the most […]